Historic County Courthouse retrofitted existing fixtures inside & out with LED. Entergy calculated a $30,300 savings over the life of the product. 

Gym BEFORE with 400 Watt Metal Halide.

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Medical Center

School Gymnasium, Classrooms, &Cafeteria

Assisted Living / Retirement Facility

Bank & Bank Branches

Rodeo Arena

City Street Lights

City Hall / Police Department

Fire Department

C Store  Coolers Retrofitted with T5 Integrated LED Strip fixtures make them more visually appealing and draws attention to the Products.

Dental Office retrofitted with T8 LED lamps and BR30 LED bulbs to brighten work areas and reduce electrical cost. Cost of Project $3600, total electrical savings over the life of the product is $16,500.

1200 sq ft AT&T Cell Phone Stores

retrofitted all 2x4 ceiling fixtures with LED T8 lamps and all CFL bulbs in fixtures with LED bulbs. After incentives the cost to customer was $926. In the estimated lifetime of the products the customer will

profit $12,068from electric bill savings. Additionally over that period of time there will be $3600 additional savings due to zero maintenance and bulb replacement cost versus using traditional lighting.

Church Auditorium, Halls, Classrooms, & Offices retrofitted with T8 LED and BR30 LED Spotlights. Outdoor LED Wall Packs. Bathroom and entrance Occupancy sensors also added to the savings. $19,323 in electric savings will be reconized over the lifetime of the product.

5000 sq. ft. retail space retrofitted from 4 lamp T12 fixtures to 2 and 3 lamp LED T8 fixtures. Total cost of job $5938. The incentive paid by Electric Co $4963. Total cost to customer $975 with an annual energy savings of $3102 over the estimated 14 year life of LED. Customer would profit $43,428 energy savings from the initial $975 investment.

Energy Saving Company

McDonalds parking lot, existing light post retrofitted with 17 New Slim-line 300 watt LED Roadway fixtures with surge protection.

Entergy calculates a total savings of $79,275 over the estimated life of the product with the annual savings of $5285.

Gym AFTER with 200 Watt LED Fixtures

Saved Energy is Produced Energy

The 50% savings will save this school district over $58,000 in electrical bills and hundreds of maintiance hours and bulb replacements. As you can see its a better product that actually returns a positive cash flow.