Implementation & Installation

We will find and help secure any incentives and rebates that may be available in your area and can  finance the project with no money out of your pocket. Here's the bottom line... Your new lighting is paid for out of the savings on your monthly bill until its paid off then the final 10-14 years the monthly profit is all yours. Licensed and certified Electricians will install the specified products or will train your certified, authorized staff on self install equipment that will provide you many years of maintenance free energy savings.

We Can Help... 


Energy Saving Company Specializing in LED Lighting and Lighting Control Systems that save

up to 75% in Lighting Energy Cost.

Energy Savings Company



Our firm is here to help you and your business save energy. Its just that simple, if we can save you energy, you will save money. Our professional Energy Auditors will meet at your convenience and are very experienced at specifying quality equipment that will give you the greatest ROI. We not only specify and install your energy saving products but help secure any rebates or Utility Company Incentives available. We also offer financing options if needed.


Assessment & Verification

We can help! Our Measurement & Verification Professionals will audit and document your current energy usage, equipment, lighting and control systems.

Our Representatives cover the states of AR, MO, OK, TN & N. TX.We supervise all aspects of your energy upgrades and retrofitting projects. Our Energy Auditors will let you know of any rebates or incentives available in your area and will even help secure them. Using our network of Trained, Certified, and Licensed Electricians or your electrician or maintenance staff, we know the job will be done right the first time.

  • Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting that use up to 80% less energy for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Lighting control systems and occupancy/ vacancy sensors that save time and money
  • 3M: Energy Saving and Safety/Security window films that will save money and help your building be more secure
  •  Solar lighting and ventilation systems that do the job without any energy cost

Design a Customized Energy Saving Solution

We provide the expertise to analyze and design customized solutions that deliver positive economic returns using the latest technology in energy saving devices, software, and equipment.